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The Menu

Appetisers ~ Caldo

Pancake filled with small Prawns and Mushrooms, topped with Classic Thermidor Sauce

Sliced Button Mushrooms and diced Garlic Salami in a Cream Sauce

Large King Prawns in their shells, served in Garlic and White Wine ~ delicious!

French way ~ White Wine, Garlic, Cream and Parsley

Scallops Thermidor
Cream, Mustard, Cheese and Mushrooms, browned under the grill

Italian Scallops
White Wine, Garlic, Bacon, Mushrooms and Parsley

Minestrone ~ diced vegetables in our own home-made soup

Appetisers ~ Freddo

Selection of Parma Ham, Salami and Salad

Italian Salad
Kidney Beans,Tuna, Onions and Olives in Italian Dressing

Smooth Brussels Paté,Toast Fingers and Salad Garnish

Melon and Parma Ham
Slices of Melon and Parma Ham

Avocado Prawns
Prawns combined in a Marie Rose Sauce, served on a Half Avocado

Jamaican Cocktail
Prawns and Pineapple pieces in a Lime Mayonnaise

Tomato, sliced Mozzarella and Avocado, topped with Olive Oil

Pasta Dishes

Always cooked fresh for you and served with Salad and Garlic Bread
As a Main Course or Small Portion as a Starter. All sauces are prepared on the premises

Tomato, Garlic and Herbs

Minced Steak in thick Tomato Sauce

Tomato,Tuna, Black Olives and Hot Chilli

Alla Michele
Al Dente Spaghetti with Broccoli, Mushrooms, Garlic and Chilli

Bacon, Egg, Black Pepper and Cream

Home-made Traditional Italian Baked Pasta Dish

Vegetarian Lasagna sometimes available, can be ordered in advance.
Lasagna only as a main course

Beef ~ Manzo

Fillet Rossini
Tender Fillet of Beef, placed on a shaped crouton, spread with Paté and topped with Madeira Sauce

Fillet Diane
Prime Fillet of Beef flambeed in Cognac with Onions, Mushrooms and Cream

Fillet Maurizio
Fillet of Beef flambeed in Cognac and served with Mushrooms, Paté, Cream and Horseradish

Sirloin Pepeverde
Entrecote of Beef in a Cognac Cream Sauce, flavoured with soft whole Green Peppercorns

Sirloin Pizzaiola
A classic Neapolitan Tomato and Herb Sauce, aromatically enhancing a Sirloin Steak

Fillet Quo Vadis
Fillet of Beef, with Sliced Mushrooms, Cucumber Batons, Cream and Pernod, topped with Fried Onions

Veal Escalope ~ di Vitello

Sweet Marsala Wine and Mushrooms in a Cream Sauce

Dry Vermouth, Cream and Sweet Red Peppers

Cordon Bleu
Mushrooms, Parma Ham, Cheese and White Wine, finished ‘Al Forno’ (in oven)

Breaded and pan fried, served plain with Lemon slices

All our Main Courses are served inclusive of Three Vegetables and Saute Potatoes

Chicken Breast ~ Pollo

Flambeed in Calvados with Caramelised Apple Rings and Cream

Casa Nostra
Soft Green Peppercorns, Brandy and Cream

Chicken Breast Pieces, Sauteed in White Wine with Garlic and Rosemary

Brandy,Tarragon and Cream Sauce

Tomatoes, Red Peppers, Mushrooms and Garlic

Mushrooms, Cream and Marsala Wine

Breadcrumbed Chicken Breast topped with Parma Ham, Cheese and Tomato

Garlic, Mushrooms, Cream and Lemon

Duckling ~ Anitra

Our Half Duck is locally the most popular in town (occasionally Duck Breast is available)

Classic Orange
Served with a Delicious Clear Orange Sauce

Black Cherry
A Sweet Cherry and Kirsch Sauce

Apple and Calvados
With Calvados flamed Apple Rings

All our Main Courses are served inclusive of Three Vegetables and Saute Potatoes

Fish ~ Pesce

Sole Fillet, Breaded and Pan Fried, topped with Rum Flambeed Banana

Sole Fillet, Cream, Sweet Red Peppers and Prawns

Bonne Femme
Sole Fillet, rolled, poached with Cream,White Wine and Mushrooms

Very plain Sole Fillet pan fried in Butter served only with Lemon

Peppered Salmon
Salmon poached, served in a Cream Sauce with Soft Green Peppercorns

Salmon and Dill
Salmon poached with Cream, small Prawns and Dill

Salmon Maitre D’Hotel
Poached Salmon topped with Garlic Butter

King Prawns
Served in their shells in Garlic and White Wine

King Prawns
Served in their shells in Olive Oil, Chilli, Garlic and White Wine

Served with Red Peppers,Tomato, Cream, Mushrooms and Garlic on a bed of Rice

Oriental Scampi
Banana, Cream, Light Curry Sauce served on a bed of Rice

All our Fish Main Courses are served inclusive of Three Vegetables and Saute Potatoes.

Sweets ~ Dolce

Flambe Dishes served with Vanilla Ice Cream

  • Peaches in Cognac Pears in Calvados
  • Black Cherries in Kirsch Pineapple in Kirsch
  • Bananas in White Rum and Chocolate Sauce
  • Crepes Suzette
  • Pears Belle Helene
  • Coupe Denmark
  • Zabaglione
  • Vanilla Crepe
  • Tiramisu
  • Coffee and Mint
  • Liqueur Coffees

Drinks List


  • Dubonnet
  • Cinzano
  • Martini
  • Campari
  • Pernod
  • Sherry


  • Gin
  • Whisky
  • Bacardi
  • Vodka


  • Cognac
  • Armagnac


  • Peroni (Italian)
  • Moretti (Italian)

Soft Drinks

  • Mineral water ~ sparkling or still
  • Coca Cola
  • Lemonade
  • Fruit Juices
  • Lime & Lemon


Italian House Wine
Red or White house wine

–Red Wines–

Chianti Colli Senesi
The tradition of Tuscany on the table, dry and easy

Valpolicella Cesari
From Verona, light and dry but surprisingly strong and smooth

Barolo Villadoria 2006
A classic Italian, deep red ruby from Piedmonte, full and dry, this is an exceptional red wine

Amarone Elego Scalera
The king of Italian reds, aged four years in oak casks.This superb red produces a rich bouquet of cherries and violets

An excellent red from Abruzzo, dry, robust and heavy, good with all meats

Nero d’avola.A Sicilian Shiraz, fruity with a hint of cherry

–White Wines–

Classically Roman, frascati is a dry and cleanly green white wine from the volcanic hills beyond the fabled eternal city

Orvieto Amabile
A lovely fruity medium white wine from the Umbria region, fresh and delicately scented

Pinot Grigio
Ever popular, a classic white, dry and soft; goes well with all all pasta, fish dishes and white meat

Crisp and dry, from the Marche region of Italy; excellent with all fish dishes

Italian Rosé Wine
Rosé and Blush

Champagne and Sparkling Wine