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About Us

We founded Quo Vadis in 1986. Having three children growing up it was time to ‘do’ something for ourselves using Michele’s culinary knowledge. Quo Vadis has been a popular eating place for many loyal locals and their families and the regular holiday visitor over the years.

Quo Vadis is the Latin expression for ‘where are you going?’ Or ‘whither goest thou. ‘Dove va?’ In modern Italian. Many will recognise the film association maybe even recall the film!! it was for this and a love of Roman history that we chose the name.

Over the years there has been a big change in restaurant trends as we all know but Quo Vadis seems to have weathered them all.. first and foremost our food has a ‘retro’ feel of the sixties…of which we are proud.

Fillet Diane
Fillet Rossini
Sole Bonne Femme
Duck a l’Orange….being a few popular recalled favourites.

With healthy eating awareness and the incredible variety of foods available we are mindful that the public are well informed and educated and appreciative of good food.

With this in mind we only use the best ingredients and every dish is cooked fresh for you and only ever by Michele… a wait on a busy night is inevitable…but we don’t double book or give a limited time to eat….

We are happy that you are here for the evening.

Wendy…….Wife and partner

While Michele is sole chef, it is my job manage front of house welcoming customers and taking food orders, together with family members who help when necessary. Catering was not my chosen career however it has been interesting and I’m delighted to have learnt so much about food over these last 30 years!

Though originally trained in horticulture which I loved, my real passion lay in the arts…..particularly painting and writing and the restaurant allows me a platform to display my original works and it’s also a great conversation maker for like-minded people.

My book ‘Dark knights of Compton Berry’ was published in 2007 followed by a sequel. ‘Destiny and Darker Knights’ in 2009. When time allows I am slowly working on another to complete a trilogy.